Barcode Labels

Custom Barcode labels
Custom Barcode labels

Do you have a product you are ready to sell to the world and bring to the market?

Depending on the use, and where you are selling the product, you might need a barcode on the label.

Barcodes labels help a company keep track of their product sales, reorders, and purchase's.

Barcodes are popular on many food labels and beverage labels in the local grocery stores and gas stations. They are on water bottle labels, Ice Tea labels, rum labels, cosmetic labels, coffee labels, honey labels and more.

Product Labels with UPC Barcodes

Barcode Labels
Barcode Labels on rolls

How do your customers use barcodes?

If your products are sold in the retail marketplace, it must have a UPC code. Many products have the UPC barcode printed directly on the custom label.

Custom labels have barcodes on them so that the cashier can scan it for a fast price check on the product you are buying.

Consumers use your barcode data and numbers to search on the web and also to research product details with mobile phone scans.

If you barcode does not scan in the store, you could be fined by your customers for each product label barcode that does not scan.

This makes the store checkout faster for you, the consumer. Imagine if the cashier needed to look up each price of an item? It could take hours to complete the weekly grocery store shopping if we did not have upc and barcodes on labels.

Barcode Uses

How do you use barcode labels for your business?

Universal Product Code (UPC) labels are used every day by small and large businesses. UPC labels help with data collection, retail product tracking, and asset tracking, Everything is recorded through the GS1 barcode database.

Bay Tech Label company can print you barcode labels on rolls or sheeted labels depending on what you need. Barcode labels are mostly used for tracking retail products in stores but can be used for product labels, custom labels, packaging, identification, warehousing, shipping and more.

These are all questions you will want to think about before printing custom barcode labels for products.

Print Your Own Barcodes

Maybe you just want to print barcodes yourself on a direct thermal or thermal transfer label printer? We can also help with these UPC label solutions.

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