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Propane is a flammable substance, which means the DOT regulates it as a hazardous material in both liquid and gas form. Propane manufacturers and vendors are responsible for ensuring compliance with all regulatory standards. That includes using proper labels. Properly designed propane labels must have more than just a "flammable gas" sticker.

OSHA recently changed labeling requirements to ensure worker and consumer safety. Now, labels must also include additional information such as product identifiers, pictograms, signal words, hazard statements, and chemical supplier contact information. Bay Tech Label is committed to keeping up with industry standards to help our clients in the propane industry ensure regulatory compliance.

Propane labels are used for labeling gas tanks, propane tanks, and other gas equipment.

Propane Labels

Custom Propane Labels

Flammable gas 2 stickers, Add your company information, phone number and logo.

Danger: Flammable liquid and gas under pressure may form explosive mixtures with air. Keep away from heat, flame and sparks.

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The green outline is not part of the label, this is only to show the die line, or also known as the cut line.

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