Wine Labels

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Labels must be durable and perform well during washing, pasteurization, filling, transportation, and storage. Some labels will be under ice water for hours and maybe even days at a time, while others require the long term storage typical of a fine wine.

Our Flexo presses may be the perfect technology to produce that eye catching label. The label that has the customer choosing your wine because of what they see. 4 color process with 1-2 spot colors AND colored foil AND embossed. It’s all available here at Bay Tecwine_labels.jpgh Label.

For the fine wines that you produce, consider the image that your label portrays. They can be quite elaborate with many different colors along with complementary techniques, such as embossed and cold foil.

You can trust your experience will be grand.

Our skill, knowledge and experience will provide you with the high quality labels you would expect and coupled with our excellent customer service, we are the best choice for custom wine & beer labels. Don't let your image be less than 100%. Click here to request an estimate online or if you prefer, give us a call toll free 800-229-8321. We would be happy to answer your questions.

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Did you know that the TTB recently issued new rulings regarding optional nutritional information on wine labels and new mandatory label information for wine labels? Changes go into effect August 9, 2013. Keep in mind; application processing time can be significant. Be sure to get your applications in early. If you have any questions, Bay Tech Label can help.

Department Of The Treasury - Alcohol And Tobacco Tax And Trade Bureau: Wine labels—which must be pre-approved by TTB—are an important source of information for consumers. The following links provide resources intended to help take the mystery out of wine labeling regulations and procedures:

Learn more about government regulations at TTB.GOV

and about goverment wine labeling requirements.