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Jacksonville, Florida, is known as ‘The River City’ and widely recognized for its transportation and logistics dominance and having one of the busiest shipping docks across the nation. Among Jacksonville’s top exports are medical products, personal care items, food and beverages, construction, and packaging products. Whether your Florida business is building a brand across the U.S. or the world, labels do a lot more than generate interest in your product. Labels keep workers safe by indicating whether chemicals are hazardous with a ‘Danger’ label, whether any food products being consumed are past their expiration date with a sticker, and even keep pharmaceutical products secure with tamper-evident seals.

Local Jacksonville Labels Backed by Years of Industry Experience

When your products are shipped across the country, or exported internationally, you should never second guess whether your label adhesive can withstand hot or cold environments or feel uncertain that the next ingredient label printed on your nutraceutical product isn’t up to code. The right label manufacturer will always help you find labels that perform best with your product or packaging material and will have years of experience in numerous categories to give you the most accurate insight into every label variety. With locally-produced Jacksonville labels, Florida-specific industry experience meets years of professional printing techniques and ever-growing capabilities.

Maximize Security with Tamper Proof Labels

Our custom film or paper-based tamper proof labels prove to customers your product is safe or has not been opened. Explore the innovative use of holographic materials for more specialized solutions.

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High-Quality Flexible Packaging 

Make single-servings simple with small paper, plastic, film, or aluminum foil packages. From pharmaceutical to cosmetic products, develop a lightweight and easy to open solution with no minimums.

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Easily Ensure Compliance with Peel & Seal Labels

When products come in small packages, we have the labeling solution for your ingredient lists, warnings, and detailed instructions. Make the most of your promotion space today while meeting strict regulatory demands.

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Grow Efficiently with a Florida Labeling Partner

Building a brand with labels that stand out while meeting industry regulations is no small feat. Finding the right label supplier takes a huge load off your hands, making it easier to identify budget-friendly solutions that meet customers’ expectations. With over 300 in-house materials and unlimited die-cut opportunities, your Jacksonville labels are always designed with critical attention to product fit and use. Our 10 printing presses, including flexographic and digital printing, print up to eight colors and enable us to maintain shorter lead times than normal with enhanced precision, efficiency, and overall productivity.

If you are ready to refresh your brand, or simply need a labeling partner with the capacity to meet your needs, Bay Tech is known for making the quality labels Jacksonville brands are built on.

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