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Lakeland, the largest city in Polk County, is known as a business-friendly city with an available skilled workforce and low costs. With its central location directly in between Tampa and Orlando, Lakeland is a growing hub for manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, and tourism. From Amazon sellers to growing clinics, expanding food production, and more, the demand for custom Lakeland labels has grown as organizations seek to enhance the communication from companies to customers. Your business relies on quality and consistency in every detail, from marketing special promotions to tamper-proof vial labeling, to successfully and securely deliver crucial product information. For every product you need an efficient labeling solution to get the job done.

Custom Lakeland Labels Backed by Years of Local Industry Experience

With over 35 years of industry experience, we continuously help organizations across the board meet key industry standards, allowing them to fully deliver on customer promises. We assist virtually every industry, from medical ID tags that help nurses monitor and track medicine dosage to industrial labels that meet OSHA regulations for hazardous chemical labels and tags. With upgraded machinery, software, and enhanced printing capabilities, our Lakeland labels consistently add value to the supply chain of local Florida businesses, and beyond.

Pharmaceutical Labeling

Whether you are required to deliver more information with a peel & seal sticker or require tamper-evident labels, we can help ensure your product hasn’t been used or tampered with.

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Quality Food Labels

Meet FDA food and beverage label requirements including the expiration date, ingredients list, nutrition facts, and daily value. Distinguish your product with health claims, organic labeling, and country of origin.

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Class 10,000 Clean Room

Keep pharmaceutical labels, and more, virtually free of contaminants like dust and bacteria. With a controlled environment, you ensure your product is always aligning with set safety and industry standards.

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Enhanced Printing and Production with Top of the Line Technology

From industrial to pharmaceutical, food and beverage labels, and beyond, we have the precise printing technology and materials to achieve your end goal. With state-of-the-art flexographic printers, digital printers, and an extensive catalog of die shapes and sizes, we guarantee 100% satisfaction and are sure to meet your customization needs. Whether your product needs to deliver accurate nutritional information or pop off the shelf with eye-catching graphics, we have a labeling solution that sticks. Experience streamlined operations, improved safety measures, and enhanced productivity with improved printing solutions.

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