Food and Beverage Labels

The food & beverage industry must pay close attention to the environment their labels will be exposed to in order to choose the right materials and adhesives for their products.

Bay Tech Label company are label printers who begin with the end in mind to guarantee a successful printed product label.

Food ContactFood Contact
Hot & Cold Temp.Hot & Cold Temp.
Flex PackFlex Pack
Tamper EvidentTamper Evident

Direct Food Contact

Bay Tech Label can produce your fresh fruit and vegetable labels that require a direct food contact adhesive, including those with waxy skins like apples to the fuzzy skins like peaches. Call on us to construct your label that applies directly to food.

Hot or Cold Temp

It’s all about the temperature! Materials and adhesives react differently depending on the temperature when they are applied and the temperature of their future environment.
Whether your product needs a freezer label or a label that will stick onto a product that goes into the microwave, call Bay Tech label, we will ask all the right questions to determine what type of label your product requires..


Instant Redeemable Coupons adhered to your product makes consumers pick it up! Coupons can be used for discounts, buy-one, get-one or even a free trial offer. Bay Tech Label can produce your coupons with materials that are adhesive free after removal. Give us a call for sample label requests.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging for your snacks, coffee, nutraceutical powders and bars. We can produce high or low quantities and we offer no minimums, but check with your filler as they may have a minimum. Flexible packaging is produced with paper, plastic, film or foil. What goes in the package determines the material and we can assure you use the correct material for your product.

Tamper Evident

Custom tamper proof, void and destructible labels for your product security. Security labels are typically constructed as either film or paper based. They are used to make sure that a product remains safe or to indicate that a product has not been opened or tampered with, required within some industries.

We adapted the use of holographic materials in tamper evident void labels, with words appearing as the angle of a view of the label changes. Specialized and custom converted materials used in tamper proof tags and destructible labels help eliminate the possibility of replacing a destroyed label with a counterfeit label. Our experience is extensive in the area of tamper resistant and security labels.

Beverage Labels

Labels for Beverage bottles or cans must adhere properly and consistantly under different environments. Many beverags are refrigerated or are subjected to direct contact with ice. Bay Tech Label produces labels with this end in mind; Let us help you choose the proper label construction and design that is right for you. More info…